Anthony is a guitarist, teacher, speaker, and owner of StevieSnacks Blues Guitar Lessons, where he has built a library of premium and free lessons for fans of Texas blues around the world. StevieSnacks has been his full-time job since 2009.

His low-key, plain-english teaching style has earned him a loyal customer base, and dedicated viewership.

He has experience with all things audio and recording, and more recent experience with video production. In 2010, he co-hosted The Mixdown podcast on the 5by5 network with Dan Benjamin, where he taught the basics of digital audio and recording.

He had a 10 year career at a software company doing everything from tech support, to programming, and eventually web-design.

He spends most of his time planning and creating videos for StevieSnacks, and occasionally travels to guitar related events around the country to teach lessons and connect with viewers.

He is a natural public speaker, with experience preaching in church, presenting to leadership teams, teaching guitar workshops, and performing with bands. He likes to talk and could be hired to speak at your event should you require a speaker with a unique perspective on religion-freeĀ Christianity, accidental self-employment, or blues guitar.

Anthony lives in State College, PA, with his wife Lori and son Austin.

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